Shadowlands [2013]



[1] Shadowlights 41’12”
[2] In Between 17’07”
[3] Licht und Schatten 17’23”
[4] The Rhodes Violin 55’24”
[5] Tibetan Loops 17’50”

“Do not be afraid of shadows. They testify to the fact that somewhere there is light.” Oscar Wilde

“Shadowlands” is the next studio album by Klaus Schulze, which probably fans of classical German composer of electronic music have been waiting a long time. In previous years, we had to deal with images painted musical sound. This time, the German composer was surprised and introduced electronic music listeners painted light. Starting from the album “Moonlake” in the works of Klaus Schulze was modified music, which the artist began in early 2000. Similarly, in the following albums: “Continuum” – a return to the sound sequence and establish cooperation with Lisa Gerrard. In recent years, Schulze began a bold experiment with female vocals. “Shadowlands” is a summary of the previous albums and a stage in the discography. As I remember back, those moments in music Schulze often happen, for example, the album “Inter*Face”, “Body Love Vol 2” or even “En = Trance”. As you know, each of us needs change or new directions. Music for “Shadowlands”, despite the drums, hypnotic rhythm, singing, Lisa Gerrard, Chrysta Bell, Julia Messenger and free sequence is soft, delicate and subtle. She is nothing like the recordings of the albums “Moonlake” and “Kontinuum”. The dominant style already known from the “Farscape” and the “Big in Japan”, which has been slightly altered. This is a typical Schulze since last a few years. “Shadowlights” – the first track from the first album leads the listener to a memorable concert in Japan in March 2010. Intro song is similar to some of the songs from the live album “Big in Japan”. A discerning listener will notice that the sounds are different. After a few minutes the song is woven into a delicate sequencer that gives the rhythm and harmony. These sounds transform, change and modulate through several minutes of light, music and images. Here and there the voice of Lisa Gerrard and violin add charm to the song. The whole has a trance, but melancholy character, and from the beginning draws the listener on a journey to the Shadowlands. Changing sounds, loops create an interesting atmosphere. He listens well, even when I do not feel it’s over. The other two songs “In Between” and “Licht und Schatten” are my favorite songs on the first album. Were recorded separately, but when you listen to the impression that it is a single entity. “In Between”, a relaxing song based on melody and rhythm parallel. “Licht und Schatten” is like the second part, the continuation of the previous composition. Another advantage is the addition of female vocals. Very beautiful is the music in the last 8 minutes of the last song. The second disc of the album “Shadowlands” is a completely different music, but kept in a climate typical of the period Schulze “Contemporary Works”. The first sounds of “Violin Rhodes”, the motifs reminiscent of recordings from the album “The Rhodes Elegy” from the “Contemporary Works 2” and recorded the album “The Dark Side Of The Moog IX” in collaboration with the Pete Namlook recently. The first twenty minutes, it sounds a la Rhodes piano, which are known to all lovers of classical electronic music, themes crystals from the album “Mirage” in 1977. I think Schulze paid tribute to the deceased artist. After about 20 minutes, the return and appear dynamic and pulsating rhythm chords. Music and poignant vocal background is sprinkled with Thomas Kagermann. The last track album “Shadowlands” is a mystical work. Echoes resound Tibetan monks sampled voices that are supported Thomas Kagermann vocals. The second album is very successful. “Shadowlands” confirms that the composer is in good shape. As I mentioned at the beginning, this album summarizing the next stage in the artist’s discography. Music painted with light, is a good showcase for the future. Let’s hope that soon we will hear another portion of interesting music of Klaus Schulze with other artists.

Marcin Melka 


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